Student status is acquired upon enrolment to a department and ends upon graduation or disenrollment.

All undergraduate courses offered at Panteion University (and all Greek Universities) are tuition-free for Greek students.

Students can benefit from the following:

  • Free access to services offered by the University Library
  • Free Wi-Fi on university premises
  • Free language courses offered by the Language Centre
  • Free textbooks and/or other course materials
  • Discount on public transportation (Student Pass)
  • Full health and medical care
  • Use of the Wellness and Recreation Centre
  • Free student meals (conditional)
  • Free housing (conditional)

According to the current legislative framework, students are entitled to the above benefits for the duration of their studies (8 semesters). If a student has not completed his/her studies after the 8-semester period, the above benefits are provided for 4 more semesters (n+2 years of study).

Students of all levels (i.e., undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students) who meet the requirements set by the Ministerial Decision of 18/06/21 are entitled to free meals. Student meals are provided at the university restaurant (15-17 Lagoumitzi Street). The restaurant is open throughout the week (breakfast, lunch, supper), but it is closed during the Christmas, Easter and summer breaks. Due to the pandemic, the restaurant is currently open for take-away only from 12.00-19.00.