The Careers Service Office provides guidance and information to students and alumni on issues related to education, career planning, skills acquisition and professional development.

The Careers Service Office supports students’ in their job search by networking with public organisations and companies in the private sector.

The following services are offered:

  1. Career Counselling
  2. Information on educational issues
  3. Support of students and alumni in job search
  4. e-communication channels for students and alumni
  5. Counselling on issues related to entrepreneurship

The Counselling and Psychological Support Service has been developed in the context of the programme “Support of Social Interventions for Students at Panteion University” (led by Professor Despoina Papadopoulou). The service was launched in October 2018 and provides a wide range of services to students (of all levels) and alumni from social vulnerable groups. The service provides counselling through individual or group meetings aimed – among other – at better integrating students to university life, supporting them in making decisions on personal, educational and professional issues and improving life quality.

The service is in close collaboration with other mental health organisations such as mental health centres for the referral of students in need of psychiatric monitoring.

The programme has two streams of actions corresponding to the services provided by Panteion:

  1. strengthening the accessibility of textbooks provided by the library
  2. creating a counselling and careers’ support service

After the approval of the new programme, which foresees the upgrading of the above actions, two additional streams are foreseen:

  1. administrative support for the above actions
  2. dissemination activities through the organisation of seminars, events and international conferences

The programme can fund additional actions until November 2022.

For further information and scheduling an online meeting: e-mail

Tel. 2109201045 / 2109201921