During their studies, Panteion University undergraduate and postgraduate students have the opportunity to belong to a vigorous and well-structured interdisciplinary academic community that provides them with career prospects in key areas of social, political, institutional, educational, economic and communicative activity nationally and internationally, and both in the public and private sectors.

Both teaching and academic research are constantly renewed and updated to connect the taught programmes with the continuous evaluation of the work environment, where the university’s graduates will be active. Each Department of Panteion University emphasizes the multiple career prospects of its graduates. Career prospects clearly shape the curricula and overall mission of academic departments.

Panteion University career opportunities in a nutshell

Public Administration
Municipalities/Local authorities
European and International Foundations, NGOs
Education and Educational Institutions
Business and Banking Sector
Mass Media and Communication
Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing
Cultural Institutions and Organisations
Research Centers and Institutions (Public & Private)
Libraries, Archives (Public & Private)
Public Health and Welfare (also private)
Tourism and Sustainable Development