Panteion University (Positive Psychology Lab of Panteion University), (hereinafter referred to as “University”), and the Civil Non-Profit Company under the name of “IASIS NGO”, signed a Cooperation Agreement, which aims to jointly promote the educational, research, scientifical and administrative cooperation of the Parties. Indicatively, the object of this cooperation includes:

a) The enhancement of the scientifical cooperation through planning, co-writing and the joint implementation of European and National projects.

b) The joint conduct of specific targeted surveys and the preparation of relevant reports.

c) The exchange of expertise, documented knowledge, theoretical elaborations, and research experience.

d) The provision of facilities for hosting scientific training courses, such as workshops, seminars, conferences etc.

e) The partnership of the scientific executives of the two bodies for the elaboration of educational programs, such as Lifelong Learning and Training of the Executives of the public sector.

f) The internship of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University in IASIS NGO.

g) The co-organization of specialized workshops concerning the scope of application of the Psychiatric Reform, and other related scientific fields (Lifelong Learning, etc.).

h) Any other research, academic, organizational activity that aims to the common benefit and is co-decided by the Parties.

IASIS Non-Profit Organization was founded in 2005. The main objectives of the organization are to provide psychosocial support, combat social exclusion of vulnerable groups, provide psychological and counseling services, create equal opportunities and new perspectives for vulnerable groups of the population, promote mental health, psychiatric care in the Community based on the principles of Social Psychiatry and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, provision of specialized psychiatric services and psychoeducational interventions to standards of the World Health Organization. The total number of beneficiaries of the organization is calculated up to 500,000 people since 2006. Visit Find us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram iasis_gr