Department of Sociology

Aim of the Department

To meet with teaching, research, post-graduate studies and international presence on major theoretical searches in modern directions multi-science management of social problems and to draw their management practices. Systematically cultivates sociological teaching and research needs that create and questions posed by swift changes and transformations that characterize the global society nowadays. Aimed to a systematic study of society, social behavior and individual collective forms, social institutions, the assembly process and change the structure of human society and the problems facing by modern man. It also aims to train sociologists, scientists knowledgeable and able to systematically process both scientific and current perceptions of social problems, which may be invited to face in their professional practice. It seeks to train, but also to promote the investigation of various aspects of social life and problems created by social coexistence of people.


Postgraduate Studies

  • Postgraduate Programme: «Sociology»
  • Direction: Social exclusion and Human Rights
  • Direction: Greek and European Society
  • Direction: Social and Political Theory

Postgraduate Programme: «Criminology» 

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