Department of Public administration

Aim of the Department:

The Department’s objectives as well as the educational and scientific orientation are determined by the fields of study of the Sectors, as detailed in the study programme-curriculum. In particular, the Department’s research activity spreads to the study and analysis of all the current problems of Public Administration and its services. The Department’s effort focuses on providing students with a complete consolidation of all core areas of the wider public sector and on supplying them with specialized knowledge and expertise which will appoint them as competent executives of the afore mentioned public sector in the range of all modern state activities. Moreover, some of the Department’s objectives are the complete/comprehensive coverage of key issues and methods concerning the problems of Public Administration and the promoting of science organization and state operation.

Postgraduate Studies

 Postgraduate Programme: «Public Administration»

  • Direction: Culture of Law: Public and Private Law
  • Direction: State and European Union Administration
  • Direction: Economic Science
  • Direction: Taxation and Auditing
  • Direction: Public Management
  • Direction: Law, Technology and Economy
  • Direction: Business Law and Administration

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