Department of Economic and Regional Development

Aim of the Department

The Department serves a relatively new subject, which incorporates modern interdisciplinary notions as to the nature and character of regional and generally economic development. The "philosophy" of the Department based on the view that the analysis of economic growth consists complex social process which’s critical dimensions, are space and time, that is its people, the place and its history. The space at the same time treated as geographical (place, city, region, etc.) with specific problems but also as a historic place in the sense of the historical determination and limitation. The special feature of the operation of the Department is to analyze the phenomenon of the development, not in the narrow limits of economics, but also enriched with knowledge coming from the area of social and natural sciences. Based on this theoretical grid of values, the curriculum is arranged around two parallel and equivalent axes: the axis of economic science and the axis of regional science.

 Postgraduate Studies

 Postgraduate Programme: «Applied Economics and Regional Development»

  • Direction: Applied Economics and Administration
  • Direction: Applied Civil and Regional Development
  • Specialization: Regional and Local Development Planning
  • Specialization: Economics of Real Estate

The Department of Economic and Regional Development

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