Profile: The Panteion University Department of Sociology is the first such department to be established in Greece. It was founded in 1984 and has since been cultivating the various disciplines of Sociology.

Aim of the Department: To respond to the major theoretical quests and modern directions of the interdisciplinary management of social problems and to elaborate on the practices for addressing them, through teaching, research, postgraduate studies and by means of its international presence.

It systematically cultivates social teaching and research on the needs created and the questions raised by the rapid changes and restructuring of the global society nowadays.

The Department of Sociology aims at the systematic study of society, social behaviour in its individual and collective forms, social institutions, the process of building and changing the structure of human society and the problems faced by modern man.

It also aims at educating well-informed sociologists and scientists, who are able to systematically process both the scientific and the current perceptions of social problems they may be required to address in their professional capacity. It seeks to educate and promote the exploration of the different aspects of social life and the problems created by the social coexistence of people.

Career prospects: The Department graduates may work in: ♦ Central public service departments, regions and prefectures. ♦ Local government. ♦ Secondary education as teachers. ♦ The Ministry of Justice, prisons, etc. ♦ Public utility companies. ♦ Research centres and institutes. ♦ Private organisations involved in projects for social development, social intervention, consulting, social policy, health and welfare, social insurance, housing and other social projects, public relations, advertising, etc.