The School of Political Science was established in 2013 and includes the Department of Political Science and History (operating since 1997) and the Department of Social Science (operating since 2004). Though new, the School reflects the long-standing history of Panteion University. Panteion University was founded in 1930 as the “Panteios School of Political Sciences”, modelled after the École Libre des Sciences Politiques in Paris, France. After going through many name changes, in 1988 it eventually acquired the name it holds to this day: Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

Keeping the two existing departments under the umbrella of the School of Political Science means to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature, which, besides, is characteristic of the respective curricula. Within the School, the two disciplines are not viewed as two impenetrable and separate entities, but as dynamic fields that influence and feed on one another. Their common goal is to educate scientists on theoretical, comparative and critical thinking regarding fundamental socio-political problems, in terms of their perennial and modern perspective. Politico-ideological analysis, historiography and combination of theory and practice are the key pillars of studies in the fields of political science, history and social policy.