Just like the other three schools of Panteion University, the School of International Studies Communication & Culture was established in 2013 and consists of the Departments of International, European and Area Studies, and Communication, Media and Culture.

Through its research, educational and broader scientific work, the School delves into a wide range of subjects in the areas of international relations and strategic studies, international law, European integration and public policy, communication (on a theoretical and applied level), media (print and digital) and cultural management.

The School aims to provide quality academic knowledge and education to students in related scientific fields, as well as prepare them for a fruitful professional career in the public or private sector in Greece or abroad. The School graduates are successfully recruited in diplomatic missions, press offices and print or digital media.

The research conducted by faculty members is supported by research institutes, study centres and labs, which are staffed with qualified scientific personnel. The School Departments and faculty members carry out extensive research and work with research institutes in Greece and abroad.

The School sees to the ongoing enrichment and upgrade of the content of curriculum, with a view to monitoring all scientific developments and responding to the rapid changes of our times as effectively as possible.