The Department of Public Administration of the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences began its operation in 1963 and it is, to date, the largest academic Department of the Panteion University in terms of student numbers. Since the beginning of its operation, the Department has been continuously offering graduates to the Greek society, equipped with the necessary academic knowledge and skills, to staff a wide range of services in both the public and the private sectors.

The Department offers a broad category of research and educational activities, ranging from undergraduate compulsory and a wide range of elective courses, postgraduate programs, individual and collective research activities, PhD programs, and other research initiatives, such as participation in research consortia, organization of academic conferences and collaborations with research institutions in Greece and abroad. Via this continuous process of generating new knowledge and skills, the Department has significantly contributed to the development and modernization of public administration in Greece, as well as the country’s wider social and economic transformation from the beginning of its operation until today, for a period of more than 50 years.

The main objective of the Department of Public Administration is to promote the scientific fields related with how the state is organized and operates, how it is structured in a narrow and in a decentralized/local context, and how it interacts with the society and economy in general. In this context, the Department offers the necessary courses to our students to acquire the knowledge they will need in their professional life, either in the public or in the private sector of the Greek economy.

The Department offers two Specializations (major): a. Public Economics, and b. Public Institutions, while it includes the following three Sectors: a. Economics, b. Law, and c. Administrative Science. All graduates, irrespective of the major they graduate with, can register with the Economic Chamber of Greece.

The Department offers a Placement Program that helps our students gain a first experience and develop a first network in the public and private sectors. At the same time, the Department collaborates with the Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program, where our students can either study in a University or do an internship in a company abroad, in the partner countries of the Program.

Our graduates can work:

  • in the public sector
  • in public and private enterprises
  • in European and international institutions
  • as teachers in the secondary education, in the fields of Law, Political and Economic Sciences
  • as accountants and financial consultants

Finally, the Department operates the following two (2) Postgraduate Programs:

1. Law and Public Management, with the following three (3) directions:
    i. Law, Technology and Economics
    ii. Administrative Science and Public Management
    iii. National and European Union Administration
2. Economic Science