The School of Economy and Public Administration was established in 2013 and consists of the Departments of Public Administration and Economic and Regional Development.

The School provides education and conducts research in the area of Social Science. Specifically, the departments that make it up offer undergraduate and postgraduate studies in a wide range of subjects, including: Economic Theory and Policy, Economic Development, Urban and Regional Development and Policy, Public Administration and Local Government, Auditing and Taxation, Administrative Science and Business Law.

The research conducted by faculty members is supported by university research institutes, study centres and labs, which are staffed with qualified scientific personnel. The School Departments and faculty members carry out extensive research and work with research institutes in Greece and abroad, while they support public, private and social organisations that foster development.

The graduates of the School have been equipped with the necessary knowledge and social skills that render them capable of working in various public-sector posts in Greece and abroad, in a large number of private corporations and in the third sector of the economy.

The School sees to the ongoing enrichment and upgrade of the content of curriculum, with a view to monitoring all scientific developments and responding to changes as effectively as possible.