University Research Institutes

University Research Institutes (URI) focus their research activities on a specific discipline or technology. They are affiliated to one or several departments within the university or other universities and may collaborate with public or private bodies and scientific associations in Greece or abroad.

Panteion has three Research Institutes:

The Regional Development Institute

The Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources (UEHR)

The Institute of International Relations


Research Units carry out research and educational work in specific areas so as to support the research and educational activities of the university, the production of new knowledge and innovation and the dissemination of research results.
Laboratories are research units aimed at: a) producing new knowledge, b) linking research carried out within a specific area with graduate and doctoral studies, c) enabling the use of new technologies in education and research, d) organizing events and conferences and undertaking studies commissioned by public and private bodies.
Panteion has a total of 12 laboratories (linked to the various departments) covering various domains of social and political science. Further information on the laboratories can be found on the Departments’ websites.