ViKep offers services for blind and partially sighted users. In particular, it offers a P/C workstation running with SUPERNOVA Reader Magnifiers that combines screen enlargement and Braille reading system of the screen, as well as the following programs:

PhonAesthesia Visual serves listening to a high quality of voice in Greek language. WinBraille suits the transformation of text in print Braille form. Each P/C is accompanied by a Braille printer, a sweeper and a Braille sign. For partially sighted users and for those using magnifiers during reading, the Library is equipped by a close circuit of facts’ enlargement of 19 inches screen.

During the last years, the Library collaborates with students who contribute to the creation of accessible books by either recording books or editing texts, through the program “Volunteers for Students with Disabilities.”

Moreover, ViKep was responsible for the design and creation of AMELiB ( which is the first digital library for students with visual impairments and is part of the program of «Ψηφιακής Σύγκλισης» (“Digital intergration”) of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL LINK). This digital library operates as a centre of coordination for the organisation and development of accessibility services for university libraries.