Pandemos Digital Library repository

ViKep designed and runs the Digital Library Depository “Pandemos”. Beginning as a depository of postgraduate and doctorate theses produced by Panteion University (institutional mandate), it gradually grew to include published academic work in social sciences, as well as the incorporation of articles of academic journals and conferences, leading to the creation of a digital repository that extends to 17.000 description entries of digital material (i.e. dissertations, photographs, articles and books). In particular, it includes:

  • Grey bibliography (Ph.D. dissertations, postgraduate theses, coursework).
  • Journals of Social Sciences (Utopia, Sychrona Themata, Tetradia, Dokimes etc.)
  • Academic conferences
  • Publications of Panteion University academic faculty
  • Historical and Photographic Archive of the University
  • Rare books in digital form from the Library’s collection

The users can search and download these articles from their home computers, and through entries at google scholar.

Management of academic journals

 Open Journal Systems (OJS), which was created by the Public Knowledge Project, is an open access system for the management and publication of academic journals, providing the possibility to freely download the program and use it on private computers, thus enabling the management of individual use (submission of articles, editing, publication, subscription etc.)

Being one of the most popular platforms internationally, it is used by 10.000 journals. Aiming at the familiarization of faculty and staff with OJS and the widest dissemination of the research produced by the institution, ViKep uses this platform and has already uploaded all issues of the journal ‘Dokimes’. This platform is also used by the journal Urban Crime of the Laboratory of Urban Criminology of Panteion University.

Online courses

 Since 2016, in collaboration with the University’s Departments, ViKep advanced the electronic platform of online teaching for the management of online courses and literature. Open eClass platform is a unified System of Management of Online Courses. It is open access and adheres to the services of Distant Learning Education under no restrictions and obligations.

ViKep is responsible for the program’s horizontal support and facilitates its coordination.  It provides training to local support groups and guidance for its development and for services related to hosting open access courses, support for live-streaming, recording of lectures, and processing multimedia materials. It organises seminars and consulting sessions especially designed for academic faculty. Moreover, it secures access to bibliography and the related legal framework for the use of non-open access materials.