ViKep collection covers a wide range of social and political sciences: philosophy, psychology, sociology, political science, economics, law, public administration and management science, history, literature. It also keeps growing to cover subjects such as: information science, applied sciences and mathematics, social anthropology, criminology, communication, psychiatry, accounting, arts etc. The print and digital material is mainly in Greek and English while there is material in German and French and, to a lesser degree, in Spanish, Italian and Russian languages. Since 2016, it has acquired the first collection – donation in Arabic. The collection of ViKep comprises of different materials and in multiple forms:

  • 110.000 books catalogued and easily accessed.
  • 26.700 titles of e-journals through HEAL Link and library’s subscriptions.
  • 780 titles of print journals, out of which 190 are current subscriptions.
  • Online data bases (JSTOR, SCOPUS, Alexander Street Border and Migration Studies Online, Periodicals Archive Online, Gender Watch, Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, Grove Art Online, Grove Music Online, etc.).
  • 1600 PhD dissertations (1200 belong to Panteion University), 250 titles of university’s coursework.
  • Digital archive of 17.200 digital materials catalogued in the digital library of Pandemos regarding postgraduate thesis and PhD dissertations, as well as a digitalised archive of 13 titles of Greek journals of social sciences. Moreover, a big part of the historical archive of the academic publications of Panteion University, i.e. academic yearbooks, notes of conference meetings and digitalised rare Greek books.
  • 150.000 digitalised books accessed from the data base search platform ECCO of GALE.
  • 139.000 e-books accessed through HEAL Link (series, manuals, encyclopaedias, dictionaries), and through the library’s acquisitions.
  • Audio-visual material: CDs of classical music, 100 vinyl disks, educational and bibliographic DVDs και CD-ROMs, 600 VHS και DVDs of classic movies and a documentary collection, slides of National Gallery London, 25 maps.
  • The “Historical Library” includes rare book publications of the 19th and the beginning of 20th century, covering the following themes: Law, History, Economy, and Politics. The collection numbers around 5.500 books that mainly come from personal collections and donations of the University’s professors.
  • A Literature collection of almost 2850 Greek and foreign titles.
  • A rich information material, i.e. encyclopaedias dictionaries, guides, etc.

A collection of 1000 accessible books catalogued in AMELib for students with sight disabilities (in multiple forms, like: daisy, epub, txt, headphones)

Since 1992, ViKep collections are open access, thus securing that users can search on their own for material in the library. Reading rooms are also open to external users who may search for print material and use those rooms to study. Expending the policy of Open Access to Knowledge, Panteion University has accepted and verified, under a University’s Council decision, the principles of the Berlin Declaration for Open Access to Knowledge marking it as open access and free to everyone in the world.

ViKep offers members with University cards (permanent or temporal) the right to borrow books in order to study materials outside the premises of the building under the condition that this process adheres to the Library’s Use Regulations. More than 17.000 internal users and a great number of external users are beneficiaries of the Library’s services. Circulation and borrowing services reach up to 150.000 which are the highest in the Greek academic field. ViKep also offers its members and to collaborating libraries of Greece and abroad, interlibrary loans of books and article delivery services.