A) Mobility to European countries (Program countries)

i) Outgoing students for Studies

The large number of students in proportion to its size, makes Panteion University hold one of the first places among all Greek Higher Education Institutions. This fact is particularly encouraging for the future and the development of the Erasmus + Program at Panteion University in the context of the new era and the new Erasmus Charter 2021/2027. The majority of outgoing students belong to the 1st study cycle.

Students realizing a mobility within the Erasmus + Program choose Agreements with a field of study related to their subject area, with the aim of matching and recognizing the courses they successfully attend abroad. This graph shows that the fields of study that concern the majority of outgoing student mobility are orientated to Political Science, Social Sciences as well as Public Administration and Law.

ii) Incoming students for Studies

The number of incoming students of Panteion University is equivalent to that of outgoing students, with a larger number of those belonging to the undergraduate level. However, the number of postgraduate students, as well as doctoral candidates, who conduct research to write their dissertation during their mobility is also important.


Overseas students choose Panteion University as it offers courses taught in a foreign language, mainly English, while enabling students who choose it to pursue Erasmus + mobility to study the subjects it deals with, focusing mainly on its field of study. Sociology and Social Sciences, as well as Political Science

iii) Geographical distribution for study mobility

The geographical distribution of all outgoing and incoming mobility is concentrated in the countries of the Mediterranean and Central Europe. In particular, the majority of students are from France, Italy, Spain, and the three Mediterranean countries. While Germany and Poland from Central Europe are countries that are chosen by many of Panteion students, but also students from these countries respectively choose Panteion University to carry out an Erasmus + mobility.

iv) Outgoing students for Internship (Erasmus+ Placement)

2016-2019: the Erasmus+ Placement Program has supported the Internship in Europe of 561 students of Panteion University to gain work experience in companies, organizations and workplaces related to the subject of their studies. The interest is constantly increasing, as in many cases the students remain after the end of the Internship as employees in the institutions where they were trained.

Mobility by country: Spain is first in the preferences of the students, followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Belgium (in the last 2 there are Permanent Representations of Greece in the EU that accept numerous trainees). The choice is made mainly based on the employment prospects after the Internship.

Selection of an Internship Receiving Institution per academic year: Students of International Studies and of Public Administration choose mainly Embassies, General Consulates and Permanent Representations of Greece in Europe as their Internship Receiving Institution. Administration and Economics students opt according to their studies, in multinational companies (Business and Marketing). Students of Sociology and Social Policy choose Humanitarian organizations, Psychology students are placed in various institutions. Museums / Cultural institutions are chosen by the students of Social Anthropology and Culture and Media Enterprises are selected by the students of journalism.