B) international Credit Mobility (Partner countries)

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM )

Inter- Institutional Agreements in the frame of ERASMUS+ ICM Program


Since 2015, Erasmus + has also allowed mobility in Europe from other parts of the world for students, researchers and staff. This two-way mobility allows students to study at universities in Erasmus+ partner countries for 3-12 months and obtain credits which are then recognized at the sending institution as part of their degree. From 2018, the traineeship is also possible. Country program Ιinstitutions establish Inter-institutional Agreements with the University Institutions in partner countries and apply on behalf of their partner from the International environment. Therefore, the list of participating universities changes every year depending the evaluation of Panteion University’s application for funding. A large number of agreements includes countries such as Russia, Moldova, Ukraine. The growing number of bilateral agreements and the strengthening of international collaborations from year to year reflect the international strategy and extroversion of Panteion University with the aim of attractiveness, development of international networks as well as the improvement of quality and modernization.