When: 08/Feb/2021 Time: 19:00:00

The presentations are online and are conducted through the Microsoft Teams platform.

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The schedule of the seminars for February:

08 February 2021 (19:00)

Katerina Hartzoulaki

“The use of archeological monuments and sites in Greece today: institutional,

ideological and political dimensions”.

This dissertation examines the legal and institutional framework regarding the use of archaeological monuments and sites in Greece today, as well as the ideological and political dimensions of the matter through examples such as contemporary uses of ancient theatres, and

uses of archeological monuments and sites for filming purposes, photography projects and contemporary art exhibitions.

Maria Papadopoulou

“The public face of the conservation of monuments and artworks”.

What is the role of conservation of cultural heritage in the visitor experience? Can conservation serve as an interpretive and educational tool? Which are the possibilities for a more inclusive approach regarding public views in conservation decision-making? Through an interdisciplinary approach, this dissertation aims to contribute to the foundation of a theoretical and methodological ground for communication practices.