When: 28/Jun/2022 Time: 14:00:00
We live in times of uncertainty and accelerated change. Pressure on political, economic and social systems is further increasing as we move from the pandemic into a new phase of major geopolitical tensions. In times of crisis, political decisions must be taken quickly and often outside of regular policy making processes. What does this mean for the role of evidence in decision making? How can we make sure that scientific results are used appropriately? What is the role of universities and individual scientists in this? Do we need new science advice mechanisms, and what can we learn from the pandemic?
These and more questions will be addressed in the EUA webinar on “Contributing to evidence-based policy making – universities and science advice in times of uncertainty” which will take place on 28 June, 14.00-15.00 CEST. It is the third and last webinar of the EUA series on “Universities and democracy: how to strengthen a crucial relationship”.
Join us and get inspired by our speakers, who will share insights from their work at the interface of academia, science advice and policy making. Registration is free of charge and open to all who are interested.