Panteion University provides studies that are structured in three cycles, the first (undergraduate programme), the second (master’s programme) and the third (doctoral studies). Moreover, it offers the opportunity to conduct postdoctoral research.


The first cycle of studies involves following the Undergraduate Programme (UP) that culminates in being awarded academic qualifications (a bachelor’s degree). Panteion operates nine (9) academic faculties with the equivalent number of Undergraduate Programmes. All the programmes of study at Panteion are organised on the basis of the European system of transference and accumulation of credit units – ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), so that each of the learning activities of which they are composed (lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, essays, practical training, a research dissertation etc.) may be described by rendering these into an ECTS number. One credit unit is the equivalent of 25-30 hours of work by the student.

In every Undergraduate Programme 30 ECTS are attributed to each semester, whereas the total of ECTS for receiving the degree are a minimum of 240 over the duration of eight (8) semesters. Students enrol every semester by registering electronically the subjects they choose, within the dates provided in the Academic Calendar.

Each year, the Course Guide of each Department is compiled for the next academic year, in the Greek and English language, which is uploaded on the Department’s site. The Course Guide consists of the titles of courses, the full name and specialisation of each instructor, credit unites, a description of the course and an analysis of the course objectives.

All the active undergraduate students of the Institution are entitled to choose and to obtain free of charge a number of textbooks equal to the total number of compulsory and elective courses that are required for receiving the degree and in all cases one (1) textbook per course, via the informational system EYDOXOS (ΕΥΔΟΞΟΣ).

Knowledge of the English, French or German language is mandatory for being awarded the degree in all Departments. Entrants prior to the academic year 2019-2020 who hold a recognised title of English, French or German language, at least at B2 level, may seek equivalence and can be exempt from the obligation of learning a foreign language, only if they hold a title of English language at level C1.