The aim of the Internship programme is to create a bridge between academic education and the job market. This activity aims at: a) developing professional skills and equipping students with competences that will allow for a smooth transition into the workplace, and broader social environment; b) assisting students to discover their comparative advantages in workplaces and areas of research so that they may make the appropriate choices in career orientations and postgraduate studies; c) familiarising students with research, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in the public sector, the private sector and the social sphere.

The Internship provides a salary and insurance to students for the three month duration of the work practice per academic semester.

The Internship Office of Panteion University constitutes a stable channel of communication between the university, businesses and organisations of the public and private sector, for the smoother inclusion of students in the country’s production system, also for better utilising on a professional level the knowledge acquired during their undergraduate studies. The Internship Office further aims to both develop motivation for increasing participating students and to attract more organisations that will receive Internships.