The second cycle of studies consists of the Postgraduate Programme (PP) that culminates in being awarded the Master’s Diploma.

The Postgraduate Programmes are part of the Institution’s strategic planning, they aim at promoting knowledge, the development of research and of satisfying the educational, research and developmental needs of the country, they are underpinned by scientific cohesion, their scientific fields relate to specialisms in the undergraduate programme and meet the requirements for assurance of a high level of studies.

Panteion operates 17 Postgraduate Programmes, which are organised by the Institution’s Departments.

It also runs an interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme

Gender, Society, Politics” for which the Departments of Public Administration – International, European and Area Studies – Communication, Media, and Culture – Sociology – Social Anthropology, and Social Policy collaborate.

MA in Digital Transofrmation: e-Diplomacy, e-Campaigning and Digital Law (#Digi-DCL)” for which the Departments of Communication, Media and Culture, and International, European and Area Studies collaborate