ERASMUS + is the European Commission’s Program for Education, Training, Youth and Sport, which aims to enhance skills and employability as well as to modernize education, training and youth systems in all areas of Lifelong Learning (Higher Education, Vocational Education and Training, Adult Education, School Education, youth activities).

Students can take advantage of the Erasmus + Program in order to realize:

• a study period abroad at a Partner Higher Education Institution

• an internship (placement in a job position) abroad in a company or other related workplace.

The study period abroad may also include an internship.

In order for high quality mobility with maximum impact on students to be ensured, mobility should meet the learning and personal development needs of the students associated with the respective degree. The study period abroad must be part of the student’s degree curriculum, first cycle (undergraduate or equivalent degree), second cycle (postgraduate or equivalent degree) and third or doctoral degree.

Support is also provided for internships in the workplace abroad during the first, second and third cycle of studies and within one year at the latest after the student graduates. The concept of Internship also includes working as an assistant in the case of studies in the field of teaching.

If possible, the Internship should be integrated into the student’s curriculum. Student mobility can be related to any topic / academic discipline.

Panteion has 321 Inter-Institutional Agreements with Program countries and 56 Inter-Institutional Agreements with Partner countries. International mobility with countries outside Europe is considered quite important if we take into account the duration and specificity of the Program. Obviously, mobility in European countries is following a very interesting path with a constant increase in Agreements and participants. During the academic years 2016-2020, a total of 780 students of Panteion University moved to Universities inside and outside Europe, while respectively 701 students from European and International universities came to Panteion.

During the last academic year (2019-2020) a total of 316 students from Panteion realized a mobility for Studies and Internship. It is worth noticing the ever-increasing number of students moving abroad for Internship within the Erasmus + Placement Program