The Panteion University Quality Assurance Unit (MODIP) is the central coordinating body for all quality assurance and assessment processes of the Institute. It is formed by decision of the University Senate, the supreme collective body of the Institute, which also specifies its composition, organisation, operation and responsibilities. 

The Chair of MODIP is the Panteion University Rector, Professor Christina Koulouri.

Quality Assurance Policy

The Panteion University academic quality policy aims to ensure the university’s improvement through adopting best practices and ensuring quality teaching practices for its students. This strategic and ongoing improvement is achieved by integrating quality assessment methods for the work conducted and the services offered at all levels.

Since its establishment, Panteion University has been adhering to a broader philosophy that promotes quality based on the following fundamental principles:

 i. To advance science and disseminate knowledge as part of the educational process, as a public university.

ii. To foster academic freedom in teaching and research, as well as free expression and circulation of ideas, to the extent specified by the Constitution, the law of the State, and the regulatory obligations and standards pertaining to it.

iii. To support meritocracy in all processes involving faculty (DEP) members and staff. 

iv. To continuously develop and update the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered.

v. To have students participating in all the procedures that concern them.

The object of the Quality Policy and the mission of the Quality Management System that the Institute has developed and implements – and which governs its structure, organisation and operation – is to contribute to putting these principles into practice.

The Panteion University Administration pledges to its students, academic staff, associates and other staff to abide by and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and to provide all financial, technical and human resources required.

A measure of success of this policy and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System is student and staff (academic and administrative) satisfaction, which is achieved by close and efficient cooperation, focusing on:

– Creating a model teaching and research Institute.

– Continuously recording, analysing and reviewing needs, aiming to fulfil them as best as possible.

– Capitalising on the experience of the Institute and its staff on new technologies and especially lifelong learning and e-learning.

– Creating a powerful link between teaching and administrative staff and solidifying the trust among all Institute employees through responsibility and accountability.

– Making the best use of funds to ensure financial viability.

This personalised approach is at the core of the Panteion University Quality Management System and dictates both the Institute’s internal structure and organisation and the management and supervision of its entire operation.

These aims are further customised for each of the Institute’s key processes (tenders, implementation of projects, human resource management, teaching staff assessment, provision of educational work etc.), which are assessed regularly so that they are in line with the continuously changing environment the Institute operates in. The achievement of said aims is assessed via predefined indicators, specified by the Quality Management System, during internal/external inspections.