Panteion University has left an indelible mark on the public life of the country, placing education, critical thinking and research at the forefront, to the benefit of society. Through its administrative organisation – divided into four Schools and nine academic Departments – but also through its network of research centres, institutes and laboratories, it is continuously committed to maintaining the social aspect of public tertiary education, promoting quality interconnection between academic education and research, and defending and promoting social sciences.

By being systematically dedicated to modern educational, theoretical and research approaches, cultivating interdisciplinarity, promoting international collaborations, and maintaining close ties with society, the academic community of Panteion University is at the cutting-edge of quality teaching, and scientifically and socially acknowledged research.

The Panteion University professors are dedicated to academic teaching, while they stand out for their research activities, writings and public presence in Greece and abroad. The teaching and research staff promote the University’s aim to operate as a hub for producing and transmitting new knowledge through active and ongoing contribution in studying modern social, political, economic and cultural phenomena, but also in addressing social challenges at a national and international level. The unwavering aim of the teaching and research staff is to disseminate and propagate knowledge within society through multilateral communication and information exchange channels, focusing on multicultural and democratic coexistence, sustainable development and respect for the environment.