The first Committee for Gender Equality in our university’s history was established in November 2020 by a decision of the Senate of Panteion University, in implementation of the law 4589/2019 (article 33).

According to the law, the Committee for Gender Equality has the following competences:

a) It prepares action plans to promote and ensure substantial equality in the educational, research and administrative procedures of the University as well as an annual report, which is submitted to the Senate;

b) It proposes to the competent bodies measures to promote equality and combat sexism;

c) It provides information and training to the members of the academic community on issues related to gender and equality;

d) It fosters the establishment of postgraduate programs and the conduction of seminars and lectures focusing on gender studies;

e) It promotes studies and research on issues related to its field of competence;

f) It provides assistance to the victims of discrimination when they denounce discriminatory treatment.

Gender Equality Plan

Members of the Committee:

Maria Karamessini, Professor (Head of the Gender Equality Committee)

Dia Anagnostou , Assistant Professor (Deputy Head of the Gender Equality Committee)

Areti Mavrommati – Lagani, Graduate (Deputy Head of the Gender Equality Committee)

Athena Athanasiou, Professor

Xenia Chryssochoou, Professor

Maria Stratigaki, Associate Professor

Eirini Avramopoulou, Assistant Professor

Valentini Grigoriadou, Deputy Head

Paraskevi Touri, Special Technical Laboratory Personnel