Panteion University (Athens, Greece) and George Mason University (Virginia, USA) are collaboratively offering a two-day virtual seminar on Mixed Methods Research June 19-20 (4 pm – 7 pm) for graduate students and other interested scholars. The session will be facilitated by Dr. Divya Varier (George Mason University) along with Dr. Stella Ladi (Panteion University), Dr. Anastasia Kafe (Panteion University), and Megan Stutesman (George Mason University). 

 This workshop will introduce participants to the use of mixed methods in social science research. Mixed methods research involves integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches in a research study and is a rapidly developing and widely adopted research approach in recent years. 

The seminar is intended for graduate students in social science disciplines that use predominantly quantitative or qualitative approaches to inquiry. Prior knowledge of or experience in mixed methods is not necessary. A basic understanding of quantitative and qualitative research traditions will be helpful. The facilitators will provide reading materials and resources before and during the workshop.

Participation is free for attendees. Interested students and scholars can get more information and apply to participate here: