Rector Oleg Balan, Ph.D, University Professor at the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Moldova and Asoc. Professor Marianna Psilla, Vice Rector for International Affairs and Partnerships of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, Greece, signed a Cooperation Agreement between the two Institutions, in order to achieve cooperation in the field of education, scholarly research, and other activities, and to internationalize higher education and develop academic mobility.

The areas of cooperation can include:
a. international academic exchange arrangements (students, faculty, academic staff, etc.)
b. organizing bilateral working visits of university delegations examining the essential elements for the future format of cooperation;
c. development and implementation of joint educational and training Moldovan-Greek programs for students, civil servants, audiences of professional development etc.
d. joint research activity

e. implementation of other joint projects in the field of education, research, and publishing activity in the profile journals of both educational institutions.