Dear Students,

It gives us great pleasure to warmly welcome all those who have gained entry into one of the nine departments of Panteion University. Congratulations on your success, which we hope will be one of the many successes in your life! We are aware of how difficult the previous year was and of the unfavourable conditions under which you prepared for your final examinations. We hope that your study at Panteion will compensate you and that you will spend with us the best years of your life.

Together with first-year students, we also welcome second-year students who have not attended the University and have only become acquainted with it through their computer screen. We also welcome back to lecture rooms third and fourth-year students, who have been deprived of a large part of their university life.

Panteion is one of the most historic institutions in our country and has been associated with eminent persons of public life. Its professors are distinguished for their research activity, their publications and their public presence in Greece and abroad. Our graduates hold high positions in the public and private sectors and they are distinguishable for their outstanding abilities in a broad range of professions. Our university is a centre of new knowledge production, extrovert, open to society, to the innovations and challenges of the 21st century. As a university that specialises in social and political sciences, Panteion gives particular significance to the cultivation of critical thought, to the development of personality and the alleviation of every form of discrimination. Apart from the courses, active research and a series of social activities, together with the internship programmes, offer opportunities to students to complete their education which extends beyond the boundaries of a scientific discipline and involves cultivation of the citizen and entry into the job market.

The next academic year is a great gamble for us all, instructors and students. After a year of online classes, even though distance education was conducted smoothly and effectively, it is now an urgent requirement to return to in-person teaching. The act is of course more difficult than the desire. Particularly when we have a sense of social responsibility and we know that the pandemic is still amongst us and its development, unforeseen.

What is required then is to plan very carefully the terms of return to the academic community, which we have so missed, and to work together so that we, also, protect colleagues and students who belong to vulnerable groups, as well as to secure in-person teaching. The previous phase of the pandemic has taught us that nothing is self-evident and given and that we should prepare for the unexpected. Consequently, all the necessary measures need to be taken by all of us which, according to specialist scientists, are essential for the return to lecture rooms.

We await you to give creative breath to our university, to be inspired by our distinct academic environment and to join the Panteion community, which is constantly being reinvigorated and expanded.

The Rector

Professor Christina Koulouri


The Vice-Rectors

Professor Penelope Foundethakis

Professor Charalampos Oikonomou

Professor Christos Papatheodorou

Associate Professor Marianna Psilla