ON FEBRUARY 28, 2021

There is an invisible city that appears on no map, and yet is everywhere. This city, whose foundations were laid in 1978, continues to be built. But in place of buildings, it has restless ideas, words and algorithms. And in place of roads, it has the sciences we know – medicine, law, biology, and the like – and the sciences we will come to know – biomedicine, bioethics, artificial intelligence and economics of innovation. This city is inhabited by people who excel and break new ground, applying themselves so that our societies can take steps forward. It is a city of 7,317 inhabitants: all of them Onassis Foundation Scholars.

Applications are being accepted for the Onassis Foundation Scholarship Program – Academic Year 2021-22 until February 28, 2021.

Applications and supporting documents can only be submitted online. Scholarships are addressed to candidates who have Greek citizenship and/or nationality or to candidates who have graduated from a Greek university and hold a High School Diploma from Greece, provided that they have a legal residence permit in Greece.

Should you require any assistance or if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone:
+30 210 37 13 053, -054, -055, -056, -057 or by e-mail: scholarship.applications@onassis.org